Coming to an End

Days Nineteen and Twenty I am back in the states, but I’d still like to tell you about Berlin. Berlin is the capital city of Germany and has recovered itself from World War II. The church next to our hotel has been renovated. The place is full of history. We rode in a tour bus […]


Brothers Grimm Museum

Day Eighteen We have travelled to Kassel. The Brothers Grimm lived here and worked as librarians while they wrote their most famous book, “Kinder – und Hausmärchen.” Therefore, there was a museum about them – the Grimmwelt. Ironically, I learned of the accomplishments of two different people there. Dorothea Viehmann gave the brothers many well-known […]

City of Stairs

Day Seventeen Like the former days, we traveled to a different city. This time, it was Marburg, where the Brothers Grimm studied in college. The place was both my favorite and also the most exhausting city. The streets are full of stairs – something the Brothers Grimm had also hated. Despite my tiredness, I still […]

A Quartet of Animals

Day Sixteen We’ve been experiencing so much that I’m a bit late. Today we were in Bremen. That is the city with the “Bremen Town Musicians,” a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster. In their fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, they left their owners because they were very old, and they became a band. Now they […]

So Many Mannequins

Day Fifteen This was a long day. Mostly, we traveled – with the train, with the taxi, or with the bus. Finally, we arrived in Bremen. There is a museum about emmigrants and immigrants, the Deutsches Auswanderer Haus. It was full of mannequins that showed many experiences of the emmigrants. They were really cool but […]

Meeting the Pied Piper

Day Fourteen Hamelin was our first stop on the Märchenstraße. The fairy tale, Pied Piper of Hamelin took place here. In the story, a rat catcher leads 130 children into the mountains with his magical flute because their parents refused to pay him. Today, he was our tour guide, and he also led us through […]

Goodbye Sonnenberg

Day Thirteen This was our last day at the Internationales Haus Sonnenberg. Next week, we’ll be travelling along the Märchenstraße, or Fairytale Road. In order to prepare, we learned about the Brothers Grimm and their effect on the world. After that, we hiked in the mountains and stopped in front of three big boulders, the […]

Restaurant Practice

Day Twelve It was another day in class. We learned how we should conduct ourselves in restaurants. During the morning, vocabulary was our main theme. Even though it is the twelfth day, we could still use this knowledge in the future. In the afternoon, we split into three groups. Every group made a menu and […]

Visiting a German School

Day Eleven Because we’re students, it was fitting that we visited a university today. It’s called the Georg-August University, and is located in Göttingen. We stayed there from two in the afternoon until ten at night. I explored the local area with a friend, and we ate at a McDonalds. We wanted to find any […]

Hanging out in Wolfenbüttel

Day Ten Today we explored Wolfenbüttel, another city with a beautiful church. It was full of shops and small restaurants. I’m surprised how many Germans speak English. Whenever I was unable to say something, I asked “do you speak English?” and most people could answer. I hope that I won’t need that in the future. […]