City of Cars

Tag Nine Here’s a blog entry for car fans. We visited the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, a tourist attraction for Volkswagen. There were old cars on display in a museum, and our tour guide explained how cars were produced. Also, there were little robots that transported license plates, and they were very cute. Moreover they seemed […]


Day of Music

Day Eight After a lot of serious work, we spoke today about german songs. We listened to ten in total. Most were chosen by our professors, but a few came from students. First we watched the music videos, and then we anaylzed the lyrics. The themes varied from the second world war to witches to […]

Facing the Difficult Past

Day Seven This blog entry will be a bit more somber. Today we visited a concentration camp. It was Mittelbau-Dora in Thuringia, and there were about sixty-thousand prisoners there during the second world war. We began in the museum, then went into the crematorium, and lastly through the tunnels in the mountain. The original entrances […]

History Time

Day Six Today was a calm day. We sat again in the classroom, this time hearing about the history of the country. Our lecture began before the middle ages when Germanic tribes hunted and fought against each other. They resided between the North Sea, the Rhine, the Elbe, and the Danube, but they sometimes migrated […]

More Medieval Adventures

Day Five This day began half past seven in the morning because we had a train to catch. It was a steam train that’s been running since 1887 called the Selketalbahn. It brought us to Quedlinburg, our second medieval city. Naturally, my first action was to find pancakes. After my experience yesterday, I could easily […]

Excursions Galore

Day Four After staying at the Internationales Haus Sonnenburg yesterday, we went to many places today. First, we visited a church in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the Marktkirche Zum Heiligen Geist, which is entirely made of wood. It doesn’t even use metal nails and in 1634, it was burnt down before being rebuilt. Now it is the largest […]

Fog and Witches

Day Three Today, we didn’t have any excursions, but it was great nonetheless. Most of the time, we were in class, learning about themes such as the surrounding area, German culture, and witches. Specifically, I found interest and importance in the culture. Contrary to popular belief, Germans are pretty quiet. They actually find american customer […]

A Trip to the Mines

Day Two This was our first day in the Internationales Haus Sonnenberg. During class, we collected our interests together, and the professors pinned them on a board. These ideas will guide our class schedule. After lunch, we hiked to the Grube Samson, a historical silver mine. The path had a lot of trees and breathtaking […]

Travelling to Deutschland

Day One             After nine hours of flying and two hours in Dublin, Ireland, we finally landed in Frankfurt, Germany. I was travelling with two other students, but we met three more at the airport, and we used a bus to find everyone else. By this time, everyone was very tired. Nevertheless, we pushed on. […]